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Curricular summary in video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOu5q8AeVbc

From 2003 to March 2019 I was the Engineering Manager of Lufkin de Venezuela, of the LUKIVEN group. My functions are to review and approve the drawings that are sent to production. Approve lists of materials and requisitions of materials for procurement and manufacturing. Train the new professionals that enter the Engineering department. In my career I have designed for manufacturing and assembly; more than 200 API tanks, more than 320 heat exchangers, a large number of pressure vessels and columns. I have designed tanks of 17500 mt3 (110 MBBLS), Heat exchangers of 70 tons, Columns of more than 30 meters high. I have worked in equipment assemblies in the field, crane movements in 100 ton towers, horizontal equipment, skid and compressors. In 2003/04, Coordination in the manufacture of a 180,000,000 BTU crude oil fired oven for SINOVENSA Maturín. Elaboration of the engineering and coordination of 12 heat exchangers of 2112 tubes of 1 "AES type of 70 tons (the largest in Venezuela) each for Morichal Sinovensa (2004). In 2010 in Lufkin, coordinator of the prefabrication of storage tanks API 650 for WESCA ENELVEN. In 2007, I was Project Manager on site, at the plant stop, on the MPP platform at Lake Maracaibo, belonging to Petroregional del Lago. For on-site repair, with stamp "R" on container V-351. Again in November 2009, I was the Manager of the project on site, at the emergency stop on the MPP platform in Lake Maracaibo, in the repair of the Heat Exchanger E-101. I designed Tope Columna and Torre for Cardón. In 2006, I designed the KO DRUMV-1801 I.D. 5385 mm, length 14402 mm, weight 40ton. Design of 41 heat exchangers for Cardón (2006/07). In 2004, Coordinator of the work team, responsible for obtaining the stamp "U2" and "S" and renewal of the stamp "U" of the code ASME VIII Div 1 and "R" of the Nat'lBoard for LUFKIN DE VENEZUELA S.A. In 1999, Supervision in the assembly of pressure equipment, pumps, compressors, structures, turbines, during the construction of the CERRO NEGRO refinery (2000). NJV Consortium



(1995 to 1999) Engineering Manager of Lufkin de Venezuela. Assistance in negotiation meetings. Technical consultant in manufacturing or repairing equipment with "U" or "R" stamp (1996). Development of Lufkin's technical room. Preparation of quotes for; structures, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, air cooler, plant stops, skid, parts machining, man hours, etc. Internal Auditor of ISO 9000 in LUFKIN DE VEZUELA S.A.


My experience covers;

High pressure equipment, containers subject to external or vacuum pressure, enchaquetados or double-walled containers, container in carbon steel, stainless steel, cladding, titanium, monel, incoloy, inconel. Air cooperated air coolers. Heat exchangers of type; BEM, AES, CFV, AKU, AKT, AXS, etc.


Manufacturing of; Isometrics, staked containers, furnace, chimneys, ladders, platforms, light and heavy boilermaking, gear boxes, reciprocating pumps, rockers, centralizers. Handling of measuring instruments. Welding and non-destructive testing.


Since 1989 I have taught courses on API Tanks, Pressure Vessels according to ASME VIII and Heat Exchangers.

Instructor in the course of handling the code API-650 (1989) (ELECTRICIDAD DE CARACAS)

Instructor in the course of handling of the API-650 code (1991) (CIED PDVSA)

Instructor in the design course of pressure vessel according to ASME VIII DIV 1 (1994) (CIED PDVSA).

Instructor in the course of design of pressure vessel and heat exchangers according to ASME VIII DIV 1 and TEMA (2003) (Santiago de Mariño University).

Advisor of several theses of degree for students of the University of Zulia.

Agosto 2013, PDVSA AMUAY  Curso de Tanques API 650

Marzo 2017, CONFURCA Curso de Tanques API 650.

Abril 2017, CT3 INGENIERIA de España Madrid, Curso de Tanques API 650 / API 653

Actualmente soy Instructor de cursos API 650, ASME SECCION VIII, Intercambiador de Calor a nivel International por medio de internet ONLINE a países como; Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, México, Perú, España, República Dominicana y Venezuela.








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Storage Tank Acording API 650 / 653.  

Pressure Vessel  ASME VIII. Heat Exchanger TEMA


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